Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Good Foods BBQ

We have a updated the BBQ menu and prices. Below you will find some new items just added the menu. We would like to also remind everyone that we use a true never ever product. Our  Chicken pork Beef  comes from great sources and we always use true Natural produce.  

To order 
P: 415-845-9357

Grilled and smoked meats

$ 14.40 per chicken - Smoked whole chicken
(True never ever) Natural whole chicken from Petaluma farms smoked and slow roasted and cut into small pieces

$15.6 per lb - Pulled chicken
(True never ever) Natural chicken from Petaluma farms smoked and slow roasted and pulled 

$ 12 per lb-smoked chicken wings
(True never ever) Natural chicken wings from Petaluma farms smoked and roasted. Then tossed with house made hot sauce or BBQ sauce

$26.4 per rack or $ 19.20 lb - Smoke House Ribs

(True never ever) Pork ribs with our sweet and Smokey rub and grilled with bacon BBQ sauce

16.80 per lb - BBQ Pulled Pork
(True never ever) Coleman Natural Hampshire pork shoulder slow roasted (8 hours) with our Bacon BBQ sauce

$ 18.60 per lb - “jasmines big bad” beef brisket

(True never ever) Premium Gold Angus beef rubbed, smoked with hickory wood and apple chip and slow roasted for 10 hours

4 oz Sides $5 per person

Grilled corn with chili butter
Bourbon BBQ Baked bean

Almond and carrot salad
Spicy coleslaw

spicy potato salad with red potatoes

Potato salad with green onion and black olive

4 oz Sides $7 per person

Long cooked greens with pork belly (or we can it with green garlic and pickled chilies)

Bacon Mac n cheese (can be without Bacon)

  Grilled romaine salad with cherry tomatoes, Good Foods house made bacon and toasted bread
  Salad of bibe lettuce with honey Dijon vinaigrette, toasted walnuts, shaved radish, parmesan cheese, and pickled shallots

  Herb sauteed summer squash
  Mesquite roasted eggplants, peppers, onions, with a salsa Verde