Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yes it's back BBQ TO YOU: For the 4th of July Weekend

We will be dropping off BBQ from today til Sunday. Don't Miss out on some good ass award winning BBQ.
How do I order? Easy check out the menu below and pick the goodies you want, then e mail or call it in.
for phone orders call 415-845-9357 or E-mail

Drinks $12 per gal

Passion fruit and peach iced tea - black tea, passion fruit prices, oranges peels, lemon peel, cinnamon sticks, and brown sugar

Strawberry basil lemon-aid

Grilled and smoked meats

- Smoked whole chicken $10.99/ per chicken
Natural whole chicken from Petaluma farms smoked and slow roasted.

-Smoked wings chicken $8.99/ LB
Natural chicken wings from Petaluma farms smoked and roasted. Then tossed with house made hot sauce or BBQ sauce

- Smoke House Ribs $13 /lb or $25/ per slab uncut $30/ per slab cut 
Pork ribs with our sweet and Smokey rub and grilled with bacon BBQ sauce

- Beef hot link (pork casing) $5 per link 5 for $20
Grilled 1/3 lb hot link sliced with BBQ sauce

- Pulled Pork $13/lb $16/lb with buns and BBQ sauce
(Never ever) Coleman Natural Hampshire pork shoulder slow roasted (8 hours), with spicy coleslaw and our Bacon BBQ sauce

- “Jasmines big bad” beef brisket $13/lb $16/lb with buns and BBQ sauce
(Never ever) Premium Gold Angus beef rubbed, smoked with hickory wood and apple chip and slow roasted for 10 hours

VEGGIES, SALADS, and SIDES $ 3.50/ pint and 7/ quart

Spicy potato salad

Bacon Mac n cheese

Baked bean

Spicy coleslaw

Almond and carrot salad

Long cooked greens with pork belly (or we can it with green garlic and pickled chilies )

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