Thursday, December 24, 2009

Good food holiday dinner

Good food holiday dinner
Seasons Greeting!! For the Holidays Good Foods is offering a Holiday Dinner ready made for you enjoyment, to make your holiday as stress free as possible below is the list of foods and the pricing.
·        Any purchase of fifty dollars or more will receive a complimentary bottle of red or white wine.
runs from December 1 to December 29   

Meat $8.00
Smoked chicken
Herb roasted chicken
Pulled pork
Slow roasted beef brisket

Sides $4.00
Smashed potatoes
Cream of spinach
Spicy coleslaw
Glazed carrots
Soft rolls
Spicy fennel and carrot soup

Desserts$2 per slice/ $ 12 for whole cake
7 up cake
Brown butter pound cake
Orange cinnamon pound cake

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