Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekly Menu for October 17th

Off the Grill

- The plate $15
Choice of any two meats and a side

- Smoke House Ribs $9.00
Pork ribs with our sweet and Smokey rub and grilled with bacon BBQ sauce

- Pulled Pork Sando $ 6.00
Slow roasted (8 hours) pork shoulder, with spicy coleslaw, our Bacon BBQ sauce on a whole wheat bun

- “Steve’s big bad” beef brisket sando $ 7.00
Natural beef from Bassian farms (San Jose) rubbed, smoked with hickory wood chip and slow roasted for 14 hours

- “Ms. Cat’s” blacken chicken $ 7.00
Fulton valley chicken leg and thigh rubbed in our blacken spice rub, smoked and grilled

- Tomatero farm’s greens with pork belly $ 4.00
Beauty greens (Tomatero Farms) braised with our house smoked pork belly and olive oil

Sausages and links

- Beef hot link (pork casing) $ 5. 00
Grilled 1/3 lb hot link and served on a sweet roll

- Chicken cheddar jalapeno sausage $ 6.50

- Smoked polish dog $5.00

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