Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Fathers day menu

Its so great to be a dad of two of the greatest kids ever Dontaye jr. and ziontaye , but I missed fathers day with them and my dad so here a fun menu for all the daddies. This menu is based around with daddy’s would love to eat, late is better then never.

Baby bocadillos
Chef Dontaye’s Pulled pork with a bacon BBQ sauce, pickled cucumbers chili aioli and mini sweet potatoes fries

Shaved end of spring porcini mushrooms
Wild arugula, lardo of buckhorh bacon peppered, and aged mahon cheese

Wood oven roasted gypsy peppers
With a garlic parsley oil

The big toast
Thick toasted slice of fireband bread, ricotta cheese, really good olive oil, Serrano ham wild arugula creaked black pepper, tomato and red onion jam

Roasted lamb sausage
Gypsy peppers, melted onions, and a spicy sherry tomato sauce

Roasted Fulton valley chicken
With a bourbon , coffee sauce

Cinnamon sugar donuts
With a coffee chocolate tripe Brock beer ice cream

saturday farmer's market

Breakfast served till noon

- French toast $5.50
2 thick slices of bread dipped cinnamon orange batter and served with fresh farmers market fruit and syrup

- smoked salmon flat bread $ 6.50
Flat bread grilled and topped with herb cheese, salmon, and field greens

- berries and cream flat bread $5.00
Flat bread topped with fresh berries from the market and cream cheese

Grilled Flat bread pizza

- Mozzarella cheese, basil, Tomato sauce $ 4.00

- Pepperoni pizza $ 5.50

-Veggie flat bread with eggplant puree, grill market gypsy pepper, cheese, Basil pesto $ 5.00

Grilled Items (add a side for $1)

- Smoke House Ribs $8 w/ 2 side $ 9.50
Pork ribs with our sweet and Smokey rub and grilled with bacon BBQ sauce

- Grilled watermelon $ 3.00
Fresh watermelon from the farmers market grilled with chili oil and mint

- Pulled Pork Sando – $ 6.00
Slow roasted (8 hours) pork shoulder, with spicy coleslaw, our Bacon BBQ sauce on a whole wheat bun

- All beef hot link $ 4. 50
Grilled 1/3 lb hot link and served on a sweet roll (pork casing)

- BBQ chicken sando 5.00
Whole chicken smoked and braised in anchor steam beer, dried chili and served on a whole wheat bun