Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Just somethings that I will be making very soon..........................

Spring menu

Little gem salad
Baby gem, toasted walnuts, black radish, chives, Dijon honey vin

Strawberry’s and cream
Goat cheese, mascarpone cheese, strawberry’s, sherry wine, dakon sprouts

Wood oven roasted asparagus
with Meyer lemon butter, toasted bread and wild arugla

Hand cut fresh pasta green garlic and spring onion puree, shaved asparagus, yellow oyster mushroom and dandelion green

Seared black cod
Olive oil comfit of artichokes, sliced garlic, black olive, wild arugla, and grapefruit

Oven roasted pork shoulder
with braised spring onion and fresh peas. Lemon zest, parsley, and olive oil

cherry and strawberry tart
shortbread tart, cream, eggs, sugar, vanilla

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  1. I love the spring menu, the pork shoulder was wonderful and the cherry tart was amazing. I cannot wait until my party the tart is a must hae for the menu.