Thursday, March 29, 2012

soul at the window

Good Foods Catering
Soul at the window
Come to our Pop UP on
Thursday March 29, 2012

Sides and Small Bites

Blackberry and bourbon bread pudding $ 5
Spicy coleslaw $ 3
Miss Kat’s Bowl O’ Gumbo over rice 12 oz $ 7


Chicken and waffle $10
Buttermilk and thyme fried chicken with a sweet potato waffle
Pork Belly Meatloaf with Buttermilk Mashed Yams $ 13
Pork and Beef Meatloaf, Buttermilk Mashed Yam
The Window @ Coffee Bar: 1599 Howard (at 12th St.)
5:00 pm – 9 pm

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Super bowl madness 2012

Grilled and smoked meats

Smoked whole chicken-roasted and cut into small pieces

 Pulled chicken-slow smoked and pulled

smoked chicken wings-smoked and roasted, tossed with house made BBQ sauce


Smoke House Ribs-Pork ribs with our sweet and Smokey rub and grilled

BBQ Pulled Pork-pork shoulder slow roasted (8 hours) and pulled

Polish link 3/1 lb 


beef brisket smoked with hickory wood, slow roasted and sliced

 beef hot link (pork casing)

Vegetarian protein 

Blacken tofu burger

Garden burger

Roasted tofu and veggie BBQ skews

Side and thing

Good Foods Gumbo with smoked chicken and sausage 

Grilled Broccoli with shaved egg, Garlic, Capers, Chili, Flake, and bread crumbs

Black bean and smoked tofu stew

Bourbon BBQ Baked bean

Mac n cheese (add bacon)

Long cooked greens with pork belly garlic and pickled chilies

Salads and cold dishes

Almond and carrot salad

Spicy coleslaw

Spicy potato salad with red potatoes

Potato salad with green onion and black olive
 Grilled romaine salad with cherry tomatoes, Good Foods house made bacon and toasted bread
Salad of mixed lettuce with honey Dijon vinaigrette, toasted walnuts, shaved radish, Parmesan cheese, and pickled shallots